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Music of Spirit's Free

Songs of "Spirit's Free"

Here you find all tunes of the"Spirit's Free" Album.

My Girl in the Sunrays(1.Preis bester Rhythm-&Blues Song Dt. Rock-&Pop Preis 2014)

Mother Blue

Roots Of My Life

Bad Voice1.Preis bester Rhythm-&-Bues-Song Dt. Rock-&-Pop-Preis 2015

Spirit's Free1.Preis bester Jazz-Rock-Song Dt. Rock-&-Pop-Preis 2015

Dick - The Whale

Cool Cat

Wings Of Destiny

Hungarian Dance No. 5

Leave Our Hometown

Postman Is Coming

Sunset(3. Preis "bestes Blasinstrument" Dt. Rock-& Pop Preis 2014)